This series of images were created as a studio based installation that aims to explore the inevitable flatness of the photograph,  challenging the traditional notions of photography representing reality, the abstraction of space and playing with the idea of representing three-dimensional forms on the flatness of the photographic surface. The purpose of light in the image is to intensify what is made visible of the object, it becomes a recording of a duration of time. The light restricts observation to the passage of this time, creating a heightened sense of ambiguity and sublime within themselves.  The non-figurative image and significance of the single within the darkened composition creates fictional space. There is no commonness of place, identity that can be compared, no people, no reporting. It is an abstraction of time, space and form.

The line denotes depth, the blackness is flat, the photograph masks as it reveals.


Date: 2014

Media: Hand printed colour darkroom analogue photographs.