This body of work explores abstraction in photography through the use of light, form and space – challenging the traditional notion that the photograph represents reality. Each work is created in the studio; sculptural constructions and meticulously controlled studio lighting are used to build an installation to be photographed. The constructions only live within the time-lapse of one recorded frame. I strive to create a photograph that requires minimal post-production manipulation. The work is characterised by objects moving between illuminated space and dark space. Orchestrated lighting intensifies what is visible, and creates a heightened sense of ambiguity within the composition. Any realisation of representation the viewer experiences are brought from their own cultural associations and meanings.

An interest in the discourse surrounding metamodernism influences my work, as does the modernist rejection of representational practices and the pursuit of pure abstraction. My intention is to question the ‘truthfulness’ that the photograph once offered, to create images with no sense of representation – to create abstract art.

Studio based installation, multi-exposed HD video layered in real time recording.


Date: 2014

Media: photography